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Micronas and Oregan Networks Partner to Bring Internet TV, Movies, Pictures, and Games to the TV (PR0817)

Micronas current transducer family with digital output for automotive and industrial applications (PR1013)

Brushless DC motor control solutions by Micronas now additionally powered by ARM Cortex®-M3 Processor (PR1313)

Micronas builds combined heat and power unit at Freiburg site for the local generation of electric power, heat and cold (PR1312)

Display and Deflection Processor from MICRONAS INTERMETALL processes many picture formats (PR9807)

Micronas set to enlarge its 3D Hall sensor family (PR1112)

Micronas and the University of Freiburg awarded the Research Prize for Chip-Integrated Fuel Cells (PR0913)

From left to right: Dr. Claas Müller, Mirko Frank,Dr. Gilbert Erdler, Prof. Holger Reinecke, Ingo Freund

Micronas Introduces Solid-state Replacement for Micro Switches (0011)

Micronas now offers the successful HAL 880 linear Hall sensor in SMD package (PR1111)

Micronas extends its successful HAL 24xy family of programmable linear Hall sensors with new package and interface variants (PR1310)

Micronas offers its 3D HAL® sensor families now also in leaded packages for use in automotive electronic systems (PR1308)

Micronas introduces next-generation MP3 decoder (0001)

Micronas präsentiert neueste Sensor- und Aktuatorlösungen auf der SPS/IPC/DRIVES 2011 (PR1110)

Micronas presents ESD-proof Linear Hall sensors of the latest generation for precise measurement of low magnetic fields (PR1307)

Micronas supplying the 500 millionth linear Hall-effect sensor (PR1010)

Micronas presenting new generation of Hall sensors for extended position measurement (PR1105)

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Hall-effect current transducer for contactless AC/DC measurement in automotive and industrial applications (PR1009)

Micronas showcases system solution for brushless DC motor control applications (PR1102)

mySENS® – Micronas presents system solution with CMOS-based gas sensor technology at the Sensor+Test 2010 (PR1008)

Micronas showcases system solution for brushless DC motor control applications (PR1005)

Micronas and ihr GmbH announcing cooperation in LIN network solutions (PR1004)

New Linear Hall Sensors from Micronas offering cost benefits through preset sensitivity levels (PR1002)

Micronas sets new milestone due to consistent quality policy (PR1303)

New sensor from Micronas uses proprietary 3D HAL® technology for direct angle detection from 0° up to 360° (PR1301)

Micronas presenting the smallest linear Hall sensor with integrated EEPROM (PR0912)

Micronas presenting first 3D Hall sensor (PR0909)

Micronas’ first ISO 26262 compliant, low-power Hall switch family in SOT23 package very well accepted in the market (PR1414)

mySENS® – Micronas Announces Major Breakthrough In Gas Sensing Technology Based On Standard CMOS (PR0907)

Micronas’ new all-in-one controller family brings more flexibility for driving small electric motors (PR1413)

Micronas Introduces Hall Sensors with New Temperature Ranges (PR0905)

Dual-Die Hall sensors from Micronas combine multidimensional measurement with in-package redundancy (PR1511)

Micronas presents smallest integrated capacitor EMC-proof linear Hall sensor (PR1412)

Micronas opens on-line shop for automotive and industrial products (PR0904)

PMDM-Minebea and Micronas announce their joint-collaboration on the HVC 2480B controller for DC motors with power transistors incorporated (PR1214)

Regional Government Commissioner Bärbel Schäfer visiting Micronas in Freiburg (PR1509)

Micronas Combined Heat and Power (CHP) Unit in operation – Another step towards "Green Industry Park North" (PR1409)

Brushless DC motor control solutions by Micronas migrating towards 0.18 micrometer high-voltage embedded flash CMOS process (PR1408)

Micronas presenting new programmable linear Hall sensor for more efficient position measurement (PR1213)

Advanced 3D HAL® technology powers Micronas’ new sensor generation leading to superior angular accuracy (PR1407)

Micronas presents high-sensitivity current transducer for use in automotive and industrial applications (PR1212)

Micronas and Digi-Key Electronics sign Global Distribution Agreement (PR1507)

Micronas presents the GAS 86xyB – the smallest and most efficient multi-parametric sensor platform for gas detection (PR1209)

Micronas presents market’s first ISO 26262 compliant, low-power Hall switch family in SOT23 package (PR1405)

Micronas sets new standards for linear Hall-effect sensors with its new HAL® 24xy family (PR1208)

Micronas presents a new affordable USB kit for easy programming of its broad Hall-effect sensor portfolio (PR1403)

Rutronik and Micronas establish worldwide partnership (PR1505)

Micronas fährt neue QFN-Package-Linie für Automotive- und Industrie-Produkte hoch (PR1207)

HAL 1002 - Micronas introduces the next generation of highest precision programmable Hall switches (PR1402)

Micronas unveils HVC 4223F for scaled up functionality in small electric drives (PR1504)

Micronas baut auf ihren Firmengebäuden in Freiburg eine 2.000 m² große Photovoltaik-Anlage mit Modulen der Freiburger Solar-Fabrik (PR1202)

New HAR 24xy Dual-Die sensor family from Micronas brings in-package redundancy to Linear Hall-effect sensors (PR1501)

HVC2480B - Embedded microcontroller for small BLDC system solution